About Us

About us

Our Values Are What Ultimately Drives Our Success

As a trusted governmental partner, Utility Information Systems (UIS) combines engineering eXcellence with the ability raise capital to enable innovation and delivery of infrastructure projects. On one end UIS leads a consortium of highly specialized engineering and EPC contracting firms to deliver turn-key solutions in the Electricity, Water & Waste Water, and Transportation Industries and on the other end a dedicated, highly energetic and synergetic team of banks, private equity, asset managers and investors who combine and focus on the single goal of delivering financial solutions that provide access to affordable capital.

  • EPC
  • Automation
  • eTrust Services
  • Finance

Why Choose Us!

Our end-to-end delivery team and vendor agnostic approach coupled with our multi-vendor experience allows government and private companies to select us to digitally, with high trust and security, transform their business

Proven Success

UIS end to end delivery team not only delivers technology but ensures sustainable transformation success

Professional Team

Our multi-vendor experienced team transfers knowledge to utility/industrial leaders

Latest Technology

We are committed to learning and hence keep up to date with latest technologies

Certified Experts

Our team is certified at the highest levels across various technologies

Shawn Bayati


Shawn is an experienced and successful entrepreneur of multiple international companies that span across a number of verticals. As chief visionary, Shawn actively oversees the vision of US – a vision that enables engineering eXcellence to be delivered in all parts of the world through the aid of affordable capital raise programs.

As a versatile executive, Shawn brings experience from a finance, software, business development, engineering and project management perspective where he has founded, co-founded and played a senior leadership role in building and steering several businesses, which besides UIS, include but is not limited to telecommunication and financial sectors.

Playing a central role in building various types of engineering related businesses across several continents, along with Shawn’s capability to raise funds, uniquely positions Shawn to bring value to government and industrial leaders.

Alex Bayati


Alex Bayati is a versatile executive and industry trusted advisor who has a passion in delivering technical eXcellence. Alex not only provides cross industry expertise in the Electricity, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water and Transportation sector but also has detailed technical and delivery expertise in the associated subsystems within these industries.

Throughout Alex’s career he has directly managed and reached successful completion for over 100 projects and been on the leading/steering committee for another 200 and more. Alex brings unequivocal technical strength with a customer centric focus and is a significant reason for why the teams UIS leads have 100% customer satisfaction.

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What We Stand For

The values, not our commitment to engineering eXcellence nor our capital, that are deeply rooted in our organization is what ultimately drives success in the projects we lead.

Fun engaging leadership

If teams are not emotionally connected and passionate about what they do their performance will suffer. At UIS, while having serious goals, we have brought fun back into the work space.

Encourage Candor

At UIS we shy away from the cultural norm to sugar coat our feelings/ideas and ensure a process where ideas get surfaced, debated and extended enabling the “best ideas to win”.

Establish Trust

Trust is not a “nice to have” but at the heart of UIS’s organization and is an economic driver that directly impacts speed and customer satisfaction.

Learning Organization

At UIS we are constantly rethinking, reinvigorating, and reinventing.

4E-P Principle

At UIS technical and subject matter expertise is not the “end-game” but the beginning as we hire and promote based on the 4E-P (Energy, Energize, Edge, Execute & Passion) Principle.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

If something is too complicated then it's wrong! UIS’ Leadership’s job is to simplify simplify simplify