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UIS digital trust products and services focus on delivering complete electronic signature solutions, PKI trust services and digital identity registration management.

Contract collaboration for every stage of the lifecycle

Create contracts with ease

Contract collaboration doesn't belong in email, documents and chats. With your most important documents stored and managed in one place, you can focus on what matters most.

  • Auto-populate new agreements with data from systems like Salesforce
  • Set conditional rules for things like review of non-standard terms
  • Allow Legal to define a library of pre-approved clauses

Collaborate and negotiate faster

Keep everyone on the same page and bring teams together to get contracts done faster.

  • Automate contract routing for internal and external review with detailed version control
  • Complete reviews fast with comments and tasks that notify users and let them take action via email and Slack
  • Speed up contract reviews with AI-assisted negotiations capabilities

Automate contract workflows

Remove bottlenecks and blockers with automated workflows that keep contracts moving.

  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to design contract processes
  • Use 100+ pre-configured workflow steps to generate, review, approve, send for signature, store contracts, and more
  • With pre-built connectors and rich APIs, use CLM with the tools your team is already using

Why Choose UIS digital Signature!

It’s easy

Reduce clicks 30% with a user-friendly interface with UIS.

It’s collaborative

Share templates and user address books to get agreement out quick and easy with UIS.

It’s secure

UIS supports numerous compliances and offers top level security to keep all documents secure.

It’s convenient

Don’t waste time and money with draft, printing, and archiving paper agreements. Instead, electronically sign with UIS.

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