The consortium UIS leads consists of banks, private equity, asset managers and investors who come together to deliver financial solutions to governmental or industrial organizations. These financial solutions are typically offered to the developing world in order to enable the development of infrastructure projects. UIS’ financial solutions not only provide affordable capital but more importantly the necessary runway to allow projects to successfully get off the ground and then pay back their loan.

Benefits of Services

  • Affordable Rates
  • Long term loans
  • Necessary grace period


Bogota - Colombia

Cement Factory

Maharashtra - India

Crypto Currency

Washington - USA

To qualify for project financing you must meet the below conditions:

  • Successful track record
  • Investment grade business plan
  • Skin in the game

Below are the standard terms and conditions for project financing but It's important to mention that we may in certain cases decide to invest in a project in return for equity:

  • Interest Rate: Typically less than 4% Grace Period: Up to 3 years
  • Term: Up to 10 years
  • Tranche Schedule: As per project requirements
  • Success Fee: 5% i.e. LTV is 95%
  • Capital Contribution: at least 10%
  • Collateral: Not always required but could improve Terms and Conditions


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Our team is certified at the highest levels across a range or regulatory bodies

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We are committed to learning and hence keep up to date with the latest opportunities and financial schemes

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